My first experience of a Virtual Wine Tasting

My first experience of a Virtual Wine Tasting

Has anyone tried a virtual wine tasting? Wow – I have no words except SO. MUCH. FUN.

This lockdown period has been a great opportunity to slow down and try new hobbies whilst at home. One of these was a virtual wine tasting which I want to document on here 🙂 On this wine tasting we virtually travelled to Sicily in Italy…

The wine tasting we did was with Enotria&Coe which is a wine and spirits supplier. They were doing weekly wine tastings with a different vineyard each week.

Preparing for the Wine Tasting

The virtual wine tasting!

Before the wine tasting with Enotria&Coe the company would let us know which vineyard was going to be featured and would provide us links to buy a case of the vineyards featured wines.

The box cost 75 pounds for 6 bottles of wine – which may sound like a lot initially, but all the profits would support the vineyards chosen charity and was quite a saving compared to the individual cost of the bottle. All the bottles were purchased through Great Western Wine which I thought were brilliant! The case arrived the next day, I have since purchased from them as they offer great prices for good quality wine.

The Wine Tasting

Tasting the Chardonnay with Planeta and Enotria&Coe

Now the day of the wine tasting… it is so exciting! The tasting itself is an Instagram live, which is great you can still join in even if you haven’t bought the wines. One of Enotria&Coe buyers dialled in one of Planeta Winery owners.

He walked us through 2 of their wines – the Chardonnay – oh my was so delicious. Even if you don’t like Chardonnay you would love this one! It is that well known that the owner on the live goes by “Mr Chardonnay”! It was great to hear more about Planeta being a family run business, their history and some funny stories.

My Honest Review

Dinner: my take on a traditional pizza, to go with the Italian theme!

This was such a fun activity, we did this with friends and afterwards did a group quiz whilst finishing some of the wines. This has honestly one of my favourite evenings in lockdown!

It was a great opportunity to virtually travel to Italy and although nothing beats a wine tasting in person, but it was a close second! What made this virtual wine tasting unique is hearing directly from the winemakers themselves. I look forward to hopefully visiting Planeta in the future!

There are lots of different companies doing virtual wine tasting so definetly worth checking out. If there are any wine novices in your friendship group, you could even order the same wines and chat/drink about them over zoom!

I am also still loving journalling and meditating as I mentioned in this post at the beginning of lockdown.

I would love to hear in the comments your favourite lockdown activities or hobbies!

Lots of love,

Eileen xoxo


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