Song Saa Collective: Hotel Review

Song Saa Collective: Hotel Review

I have just stayed in the hotel of dreams! To give Song Saa the justice it deserves I had to dedicate a whole blog post on this island of magic! This place is truly paradise, I felt so far away from London & work & was able to fully relax. It was everything from the decor of the hotel, itโ€™s sustainable ethos, the staff… I could keep going.ย 

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Now letโ€™s get into the details: 

How to get there?

Entrance to jetty

The closest airport to Song Saa is Sihanoukville, although this is a small airport so it doesnโ€™t fly directly to many international locations. You will most likely need to fly from Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh or Siem Reap. From July 2018 onwards, AirAsia will be flying directly from Bangkok to Sihanoukville.

Another option that we took was to fly from Bangkok to Phnom Penh via Bangkok Airways and then we booked a taxi transfer using this company. The drive is about 5 hours on a double track road. This drive was fine in my opinion and a great way to see more of Cambodia. Be prepared there are some pot holes on the road, but that just adds to the experience!

We then drove to Sihanoukville private port where Song Saa has their own jetty where a speed boat transfer awaited us ๏ธ. The hotel has 2 transfer a day in the morning and afternoon. We opted for the 4:30pm transfer. The boat was a great start with bubbles, beer and soft drinks offered during the journey. We also got a cold face towel to wipe our hands after the long journey! 

As we approached the island itself you can see an array of jungle with some villas on the island as well as overwater villas connected by a walkway. On the jetty there are a couple of people in the distance, which we realise is some of the hotel staff, waving and greeting our arrival! 

As we step off the boat we are given a tour of the island and taken to our room where check-in is completed. Waiting in line at a check-in desk is starting to disappear in the top end hotels which I think is a great addition to the guest experience. 


We stayed in a 2-bedroom over-the-water villa, there are 3 types of rooms: jungle view, ocean view and over-the-water villas. The room itself was well thought out with everything you need! Our villa has 2 bedrooms each with their own bathroom, a large living room with open plan kitchen and a terrace with the infinity pool.

The terrace was the highlight of the place with 2 large lounge chairs to lie on all day and get stuck in a book. The kitchen was my second favourite with a well stocked fridge of soft drinks, water and alcoholic drinks, which was also re-stocked everyday! The drink glasses also floated in the pool as an added bonus ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus on the kitchen table was a mojito making stand which I thought was such a cute and fun addition to the room! After our long journey we were also very glad to be treated with nuts, biscuits and khmer snacks all in eco-wooden boxes.

Other personalisations included that we regularly got messages by scroll that was placed on the door of our villa providing us with the dinner venue for the evening… without further ado, read below for food and drinks!

Food & Drink 

There are two options when staying at Song Saa – either the room only or all inclusive. The all inclusive allows all your meals to be included in your stay, whilst you can also opt for an al-carte options depending on your needs.

We went for the all inclusive as it was easier to manage an upfront cost and gave an opportunity to try all the different dining venues. This included that each night, food was served on a different part of the island. My favourite being the beach night where we ate a candlelit dinner on the beach with fresh seafood. So delicious! I found the menu so varied and super yummy, some of my favourites were the juices for breakfast, seafood pizza for lunch and the khmer Cambodian curry, river lobster for dinner.


Now I could easily sit on the terrace, look out on the view and read a book to pass the time. However I understand not everyone is like me and would like to be entertained by activities. The activity centre is great to rent out stand-up paddle boards, sail boats, kayaks and snorkelling gear.

Each day these are available to rent, or if you are looking for a more specific excursion there are so many to pick from such as mangrove kayaking, night swimming with plankton and many more! I opted for the morning yoga each day to start my day, did some stand-up paddle boarding and snorkelling.

The snorkelling is truly special here as the Song Saa foundation have a dedicated team of biologists to look after and help foster their coral. We snorkelled all around the main site and was really beautiful!

I will end my thoughts on the activities with the spa, we had many great chats with the spa manager who was also our yoga instructor, from Thailand so had lots to chat about! I tried their 30 minute back massage which was truly relaxing and fell right asleep! If looking for some pampering, definitely go for it!!


Lastly, Song Saa is a beautiful place and I have never been to a place like this, but also there is a big focus on giving back to the community and the environment. All the decor of the hotel is from recycled material and the food is sustainably sourced from the local areas. It was also evident that they looked after their staff to ensure good livelihoods. I really liked that element, on top of being a luxurious experience!


What a place! If looking for a place to truly relaxed and be looked after this is the place to be. Given it is on a remote island and has an ethical/sustainable focus as well, it does come at a price tag, so one to save for special occasions! Although well worth the experience and I am so grateful to have stayed in such a beautiful place with the most wonderful staff ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy travels,

Eileen xoxo


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