My Favourite Tapas Bars in Barcelona

My Favourite Tapas Bars in Barcelona

To me a big part of travelling is eating and trying food from different cultures! I just love it, I always want to research fun places that are local recommendations & always find these are the best places. Whenever I see a line of restaurants with a host hustling people in and a menu with pictures and all the different languages is always a warning sign to me. I always try to stay away from these places!

Barcelona is an institution for tapas, I was determined to have a little bar crawl in this city. After 4 days of tasting these are my must go places! I found these places by exploring and local recommendations. 

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Zero Patatero

The best sheep cheese tapas ever

The cutest place, walked past this place and decided we had to check it out! The menu oozes with fresh ingredients and puts a modern twist on traditional tapas. We sat outside but the indoor decor looked pretty trendy as well. The restaurant is opposite the Barcelona cultural centre, this used to be a fish market and has been converted to a memorial site. 

Favourite dishes:

*Patatas Bravas – please stop here, I have never tasted it soo good! There was a perfect mix of crunchy potatoes, cream and tomato sauce. I did not expect it to be that good! 

*Roasted onion with sheep cheese – the sweetest most caramelised onion will always be a win for me! Iā€™m not usually a big fan of soft cheese but this went really well with the onion.

*Chorizo and artichoke paella – so I am quite obsessed with artichoke as a vegetable and will always order it on the menu. Although I loved it, I would say the other 2 were my favourites, I preferred the paella from xxxx see below! 

El Chigre 1769

The best dish – lots of mushrooms and greens!
Cava and brushetta

This was the most traditional place I went, right in the old town. We sat on a bar table which is my favourite as you get to eye up all the delicious food coming out of the kitchen. But at the same time dangerous as I kept wanting to order more! 

Their mushroom dish will make mushrooms your favourite vegetable! Ive never had such a large mushroom cooked so many ways and bursting with flavour. Their bruschetta with some cava is also a special combination! This place gets booked out, so pop by earlier to book a table šŸ™‚


Charcuterie dreams

Stopped here for an afternoon apertivo and wow it is cute! We had a class of vino and shared a charcuterie board. They have outside seating on the street but also cute decor inside making it perfect for all occasions. 

Pez Vela

Hello Paella!

Paella on the beach – could you ask for more? This cute beach bar on the far cove of the main beach near the W Hotel is a city on its own. If you are here for a beach bar and a boogie this area is just for you. Though I really liked this beach bar, sitting on the patio the decor is gorgeous and modern. On top of that, they have a paella sharing menu! Plus lots of other tapas options, but was sold with Paella!

Vai Moana Beach Bar

beach volleyball

Sun downers on the beach! This is on the same beach but much further the other direction, this beach is quieter and in fact a great walk along if heading from the W Hotel and Pez Vela beach bar. The people watching is great with people playing beach volleyball, a skatepark just off the beach and lots of bachelorettes with their fun antics. 

Eileen xoxo


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