How to spend a 7 hour layover in Seattle

How to spend a 7 hour layover in Seattle

Christmas flights can get expensive and bought a ticket that had a 7 hour layover in Seattle on my trip back to London. I purchased these tickets more than 6 months ago as they were the cheapest flights and hadn’t thought of the journey itself. As the trip was coming to an end I didn’t really fancy spending 7 hours at the airport! It was a close call, even though 7 hours is a decent length of time you need to account for travel to and from the airport, check-in and immigration. Since I’ve never been to Seattle thought I would do some research and should try and explore the wonderful city 😊!

Do I have to carry all my bags?

I arrived in Seattle with a handbag and wheelie suitcase as my hand luggage. Luckily Delta airlines checked my luggage all the way through from Vancouver to Seattle so I didn’t have to worry about my large suitcase.

After some googling I found that a left luggage company called Smartecarte is available at the airport. It is located in the baggage claim area in between carousel 9 and 10. For 24 hours I could check in my small suitcase for US$8.80 which seemed reasonable especially at an airport! After I sorted this out I was off on my way to explore the city!

How to reach downtown Seattle?

The Link Light Rail takes you from the airport all the way to Westlake which is the stop for downtown Seattle. The trip takes 35 minutes and is $3 one way. The trains run every 12 minutes. I found the staff super friendly and helpful, they will be able to give you all the information!

What to do with 2-3 hours in downtown Seattle?

There is a lot to see and do in downtown Seattle with limited time. Some of the things I did and would recommend:

Pike Place Market

This is right on the waterfront and it appeared to predominantly be a seafood market but overtime has grown into selling other produce and keepsake items.

When I arrived I was starving so stopped at a cute eatery called Market grill. They had a very causal and fun market atmosphere with stools to sit on and soak in the atmosphere of the market. I got a salmon sandwich which was so delicious – pictures don’t do it justice! The clam chowder appeared to be a popular order as well!

The Gum Wall

I have never seen anything like this and thought it looked really cool! It is right next to the market on street level, was a street full of chewing gum stuck to the wall! Definetly worth a 5 minute pit stop if already at the market.

The Original Starbucks

I was keen to walk past this place to check it out! It was packed and I’m not surprised, there is a queue system outside the shop given how popular it is. If you have an hour to spend and fancy the novelty of ordering from here I’d say go for it! It’s really close to the market and there are also cute alleyways around here worth checking out. There was a bakery a couple of shops down that was packed as well and could be another worthwhile place to check out!

An example of my itinerary

10:06am – Landed in Seattle

10:16am – Departed aeroplaine

10:26am – Checked bag into left luggage (smartecarte)

10:35am – Train to Westlake (downtown Seattle)

11:30am – Arrived into downtown Seattle (my trip took slightly longer as they are currently doing renovations on the train line so I had to take a free replacement bus halfway through the journey)

*3 hours to explore Seattle*

3:00pm – Took train back to airport

3:40pm – Arrived at airport

4:10pm – Checking in and through immigration

5:50pm – Flight leaves Seattle

Happy travels! Xox


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