Driving to Pebble Beach / 17 Mile Drive, Monterey

Driving to Pebble Beach / 17 Mile Drive, Monterey

I was so excited to check out Monterey especially after watching Big Little Lies which was set in this part of the world! 🌍

We only stayed here for a short sweet night but the next day stumbled across Pebble Beach which was absolutely beautiful! if you’re passing by this area be sure to check out Pebble Beach.


How to find Pebble Beach?

Pebble Beach is on 17 mile drive which is a beautiful scenic route all across this coast line, which you guess it… is 17 miles long! It is one of the most beautiful coast lines I have ever visited from luscious green forest, to sandy white beaches and dynamic cliffs!

If you are driving but the route into Google Maps “highway 1 gate”. It’s costs US$10.50 per vehicle and is the only way to see Pebble Beach. However if you spend US$35 in the clubhouse of the complex this amount is reimbursed.

How does Pebble Beach work?

Image courtesy of Pebble Beach

Circled in blue is the entrance I recommend you going to! Once you’ve paid for your entry, they provide you with a map similar to above.

The drive inside is super easy as you follow all the “point of interest” that are marked with numbers. At each point there is car parking so you can check out the area. Point 10 “Cypress Point Lookout” was my favourite so make sure you stop there!

Towards the end at Point 14 is a visitor centre, shops and eateries. This is where you can spend the US$35 to get back your entry ticket price.

Once you are ready to leave, I would exit from the “Carmel Gate” and explore Carmel beach. It’s so pretty in Carmel and would definitely come back here on my next trip!!

Check out the rest of the trip with links below!

Eileen xoxo


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