My top 4 London dine at home experiences

My top 4 London dine at home experiences

2020 has been the reinsurgence of new at home hobbies that don’t include Netflix and chill (although I have done a lot of that too!)

As we haven’t been able to go out to restaurants I have loved cooking new dishes and experimenting in the kitchen, but sometimes nothing beats the experience of going to a restaurant, eating, drinking and chatter among friends. Lots of restaurants have been offering a “dine at home” experience where most parts of the dish are prepared and has some elements for you to put together. It has been fun to set up the table and “pretend” you’re out at a restaurant haha, get out some candles etc!

These experiences are such a fun way to celebrate an evening and one of my favourite parts of travel is the food, so this is a great way to virtually escape with different cuisines!

Below are 4 that I have tried and tested, and loved them! I have also mentioned the ease they are to prepare and their costs. I would say it sounds like a lot of money to pay for a meal at home, but have enjoyed as a treat like a birthday, anniversary etc.

Alter via Dishpatch – £50 for two

My sisters boyfriend (hi Oli if you’re reading!) very kindly sent this as a Christmas present. Dishpatch have lots of different restaurants that offer delivery with specific dates and they seem to have different restaurants each month.

The one we did was from Alter which offered 4 dishes – 2 cold and 2 hot dishes. This required cooking, but the instructions were so easy to follow, with each item numbered to make sure all dishes were ready at the same time which is ideal.

We ended up being very full but so happy, as the dishes were delicious vegan Chinese style food.

ChottoMatte – £60 for two

Asian fusion is one of my favourite cuisines – the flavours are just delicious! I have been to the ChottoMatte restaurant a couple of years ago so was pretty excited to try their cook at home experience. ChottoMatte does a mix of Japanese Peruvian cuisine.

The dishes in the dining experience are some of their most popular dishes in the restaurant including the black miso cod which was my favourite. I don’t know how they make these sauces… wow are they good!

I would say out of all the ones mentioned, this requires the “most” preparation. The instructions are super clear, but you do need to slightly plan all 4 courses and the order you want to eat them.

Kin + Deum – £54 for two

This one is for the Thai food craving! Kin + Deum do a modern take on Thai food that feel very healthy. All their food is gluten free and dairy free, and also fully customisable if you are a vegetarian, prefer seafood or chicken.

In the pack you get 2 starters, 2 mains, a desert and 2 plant tonics. One thing I would say is that they only deliver on a Wednesday but the food is good for 3 days, and I enjoyed having a mid-week treat!

To prepare, it is pretty easy, some of the dishes are best at room temperature, whilst others you need to just heat up in the over or on the hob.

Cote at Home – £40 minimum spend

Cote – one of my favourite french bistros is offering an at home meals. Their system is slightly different, you can pick online as many dishes as you’d like as long as you spend £40.

I thought the prices are quite reasonable for what you get. Also you don’t need to eat it all in one night as some of the items are freezable and can be had another week! This is all listed on their website.

What we ordered:

  • Starters: Fougasse (£3.75), Prawn Gratinee (£9.50)
  • Mains: Fish Parmentier for 2 (£13.95)
  • Sides: Braised Fennel (£3.95), Ratatouille (£3.95)
  • Desert: Apple Crumble (£6.50)

The food felt very fresh. The fish main isn’t the most appetising looking dish but tasted like lovely home cooking.

Overall I would say ChottoMatte and Alter by Dishpatch had more cooking required, in that each of the elements were prepared but there was more working having to put the elements together with different types of cooking. Whilst Kin + Deum was more pre-cooked and had some re-heating required. Nonetheless they were all delicious and really depends what you are looking for!

If food isn’t your jam, I also really enjoyed trying a wine tasting!

Bon Apetit!

Eileen xoxo


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