About Me

Me in Athens on Christmas Day


My name is Eileen and welcome to my blog! I am a Geography graduate and have been fortunate to have worked in Hong Kong, Singapore and now London! I wanted to create a blog to share how I balance working a full time job and fulfilling my passion of exploring the world.

I love visiting new places, trying their foods, exploring and getting lost in these places. I also enjoy finding the best deals or maximising limited vacation leave, which I trust can be a challenge for many including myself! As a female traveller, I also wanted to provide a forum for fellow ladies on the safest way to travel, whilst not compromising the thrill of the adventure. So I will give little hacks on how to reach each destination the best way too 🙂 

I found that many of my friends would ask me about potential holidays and what they should do when visiting a certain place. So I wanted to create a place I could document this and share this to more people 🙂 

The name Suitcase & Sandals came to me when I was trying to think of a blog name.. because first you always need a suitcase for all your adventures (my back can’t handle the weight of a backpack haha). Secondly, I just love sandals! They are the perfect holiday accessory and when I pack them I definitely get into holiday mode! Both are the perfect combo together.

All the posts and photos are my own views! I hope you enjoy reading and that it inspires your next holiday! Do let me know if there are certain places you’d like to know more about, or other travel related information such as packing, where to find the best travel deals etc..!!

Lots of love, Eileen xoxoxo